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What's the deal with MPAA Baseball?

Well, let's just say the website is beating me at the moment.  I was trying to set it up so that you could order/customize the DVD and it would be all slick and such, but Drupal (the website template system) has been putting up quite a fight.

So, let's go with the following prices (consider it a "Thor can't get this done by the end of Spring Baseball Sale"):

  • Single DVD's are $5.00 if I'm going to hand them to you (eg, at the game/tournaments)
  • If you're a DBack, you can get the whole set of (13+ DVD's including the playoffs and the travel games) for $40 (you should already have the first Marlins game so you can see what to expect; if you don't, let me know!).
  • If you're an opponent, I really only have the DBack games -- but I have 2-3 (us vs you and you vs us).
  • If you want a BluRay disc, the prices are $10 each / $80 / set (the quality is good, but I'm not sure it's worth it -- there'll be a lead time for these at it takes ~3 days for the computer to spit them out).
  • DVD's with the "Custom Content" label (those with "recaps" in the menu) also have slow-motion action shots that may be 2MP or 14MP; right now, I can give you a separate DVD of those shots (they're organized by batter, but not labelled) (add another $5 for the "still pictures dvd")
  • If you need me to ship it, I'll do it for $10.00 for however many DVD's (usps media mail ftw, but Paypal will probably take its cut.)

The games I have and their status:

  1. 3/10/12 Braves @ DBacks - done!
  2. 3/12/12 DBacks @ Bluejays - done!
  3. 3/17/12 Marlins @ DBacks - done! (this one you should have)
  4. 3/19/12 DBacks @ Yankees - done!
  5. 3/24/12 DBacks @ Redsox - In Progress...
  6. 3/28/12 DBacks @ Braves - done!
  7. 4/09/12 Bluejays @ DBacks - In Progress/Technical Difficulties
  8. 4/14/12 Marlins @ DBacks - In Progress...
  9. 4/16/12 Yankees @ DBacks - I found the footage!  It's done!
  10. 4/21/12 DBacks @ Red Sox - done!
  11. 4/28/12 DBacks @ Lugnuts - done!
  12. 4/28/12 DBacks @ Sea Dogs- In Progress
  13. 5/7/12 Braves @ DBacks (Tournament #1) - In Progress
  14. 5/10/12 DBacks @ Red Sox (Tournament) - In Progress
  15. 5/12/12 DBacks @ Marlins (Tournament) - In Progress
  16. 5/16/12  Bluejays @ DBacks (Tournament) - done!
  17. 5/19/12 Red Sox @ DBacks (Tournament) - done!
  18. 5/21/12 Bluejays @ Red Sox (Tournament Championships & Awards Ceremony) - done**

    And a few other games:

  19. 3/22/12 - Marlins @ Bluejays - In Progress
  20. 3/26/12 - Bluejays @ Marlins - Still pictures only (ack... I forgot the tripods!)
  21. 4/09/12 - Marlins @ Red Sox - In Progress

If not, I'll reply back with a paypal email (*please* don't use the email here as the paypal address) and I'll get them on their way.

**The tournament championship was comissioned by Eric; a "Championship Package" (the DVD of the game + a DVD with all the still pictures (18MP) on it) is $15, and $5 goes to Eric to reimburse him for the sponsorship.

Leave me a message at mailto:mpaavideos.thormj@xoxy.net?subject=MPAA%20Spring%20DVD%20Request&body=How%20many%20of%20which%20games%20do%20you%20want%3B%20eg%3A%0A2ea%20of%204%2F21%2F12%3F (you don't have to be registered to use this address); if I have questions, I'll reply back (but it might come from another email address, eg, if I'm replying from my phone).

1-2-3 DBacks!

[Thor Johnson]



What are Points of Video?

Much like life, a person can see things from many points of view.  In Hollywood, they are adept at shifting the camera angles, takes, viewpoints to emphasise films' message.  In home videos and many low-end productions, this technique is unused and the emphasis it provides to the video is lost.

Another thing that using multiple cameras provide me is the assurance that despite people getting in the way of a camera, they are unlikely to get in the way of all cameras simultaneously; I can reassure clients that, even though they are paying more attention to the event than to the filming thereof, they will not be getting in the way of the filming.

Most of my cameras come from eBay using Gixen's eBay sniper service.

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